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Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Safe At Work - Resources and Test:

Before you can undertake Work Experience you must complete the "Safe At Work" modules and tests. For each module, there is some online information you can read and there may be some activities you can print off an complete.

After completing each module, you need to complete the "Self Assessment Test" for that module - see the details on this below.

The "General Module":

To do the "General Module" (before any Work Experience or Work Placement) - Click here

If you need the guide to the General Module, you can get it here.

The "Industry Modules":

If you have been asked to complete any of the "Industry Modules", you can access these here.


Self Assessment Tests:

After completing the reading and activities on each module, you must then complete the test for that module. At the start of each test, you are asked to enter your first name and last name - you must type this in accurately as this is what will appear on your "Award of Attainment" that you need to print off and give to me.

To take the test(s), go here.

The "Review Module":

Finally, if you just need to refresh your memory of the information in the General Module, you can do the "Review Module" here (you only need to do this if it has been 12 months or more since you last completed the General Module).
If you need the guide to the Review Module, you can get it here.

You should probably also check out the "Workplace Hazards Fact Sheets here


For a bit of fun, have a look at this Work, Health and Safety Powerpoint presentation - click here to open it: